Vaneau group

Vaneau has been a recognised performer in the luxury real estate sector for over 40 years. With a network of 25 real estate agencies and three specialised services, Vaneau works with its domestic and international clients to bring to fruition their real estate projects : selling or purchasing, investments or residences.

Vaneau Paris

40 years of experience

Vaneau Immoblier is specialised in the sale and lease of luxury real estate in not only the most prestigious districts of Paris (Odéon, Marais, Trocadéro, Village d'Auteuil, Faubourg Saint-Germain...) but also in  Neuilly sur Seine and Boulogne.

From a pied-à-terre to family sized apartments, homes or private Town Houses, Vaneau can offer both local and foreigner prospective purchasers the most comprehensive range of luxury real estate on the market, and in complete confidentiality.

Today Vaneau is one of the leaders in the Parisian  luxury real estate market, with 14 agencies bringing together over 80 advisors, as well as a strong development strategy, illustrated by its two-figure increase in business revenue in 2014 and 2015.


Vaneau French Riviera

Luxury Real Estate on the French Riviera

Vaneau Côte d’Azur operates in the field of  luxury real estate in Cannes, Antibes, Nice, as well as in the ski resorts of the southern Alpes. Its 7 agencies welcome and advise french and foreign clients (mainly italian, russian and british nationals) throughout all the stages of their real estate projects on the French Riviera : including the acquisition of a primary or secondary residence, long term rentals or holiday lettings.

Larger estates, waterfront villas, luxury apartments, chalets..... Vaneau Côte d’Azure has a real estate portfolio with rare and prestigious real estate for sale or lease.


Vaneau Brussels

Real Estate in Brussels since 1989

Situated in the heart of the French district of Ixelle, a prestigious and fashionable part of Brussels, Vaneau Bruxelles has become one of the leaders of luxury real estate in the Belgian capital, while at the same time developing a synergy with the french agencies of the Group. 

Vaneau Bruxelles operates three departments : one specialised in the sale of existing real estate with over 500 properties in portfolio (apartments, villas, houses...), another department specialised in new construtions with some twenty programs in Brussels, and finally a department specialised in rentals, consisting of five advisors dedicated to offering a comprehensive range of rental properties available on the real estate market.


Vaneau Viager

30 years of expérience

Vaneau Viager comprises a team of agents specialised in life annuity sales, all available to inform and advise you on the terms, conditions and opportunities of life annuity sales, while searching for the  property which is ideal for your project : from the selection of properties to the evaluation of interests and the annuity income.


Vaneau Patrimoine & Investissements

Tax exemptions, SCPI, Managed investment funds...

With the vast experience of our real estate managers and the benefit of the strong presence of the 25 Vaneau agencies, Vaneau Patrimoine & Investissements guides it’s clients towards the accomplishment of their estate planning projects, offering the assets most adapted to the clients’ needs : reducing their taxes, preparing their retirement, increasing their income or creating family estate.   

Vaneau Patrimoine & Investissements offers its clients a wide range of assets, adapted and personalised to the clients objective : financial viability, tax exemptions, estate security.....

Thanks to its numerous partnerships and its development strategy, Vaneau Patrimoine & Investissements is present  in all aspects of real estate investment projects : tenanted apartments, shares in SCPIs, tax planning (Pinel, Malraux, Girardin...), division of legal interests in real estate...



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