Our Services

1 Buying a property in France

Vaneau China Investment provides its customers with luxury real estate, business real estate, hotels, vineyards and castles.
A high knowledge of the Paris and France real estate market, a wide business network and a cutting-edge market intelligence, make Vaneau China Investment the best agent to purchase real estate acquisition in France.


2 Renting your property in France

We are looking for the best candidates to rent your real estate assets in Paris, in residential, commercial (offices or buildings) or industrial aera.
Furthermore, Vaneau China Investment works with the property management department of the Pelège group to make your rental experience in France a high-profitable experience.


3 Legal advising   

The legal department of Pelège Group, professional lawyers and notaries, will help you during the whole process of your real estate project in France, providing a full range of legal protection and advises.


4 Analysis and financial advising

Thanks to the Financial Direction of the Group, we supply you a complete range of services in financial advice : evaluation of the asset, analysis of the risks, the profitability...


5 Property management

Our property management department will guide and inform you on the management of your leased real estate (housing, businesses, offices and buildings). Our teams, of over 50 real estate management professionals work together to ensure optimal profitability and the highest standards of maintenance, by taking care of all the management of your real estate: maintenance and renovations, revision and removal of rent restrictions, new tenants, signing of lease agreements, recoveryand service charges.
In order for you to benefit from the best management of your assets possible, our property management department provides each of its clients with detailed quarterly management reports. Investors are also offered regular individualized reports and analytics.


6 Asset Management

According to the characteristics of the real estate, as well as the investment objectives, Vaneau China Investment provides its clients advises and counsel service in asset management (business plan, risk analysis, profits...).



7 Works and interior design

The works departement of the Group may provide counsels and partners in all needed works in your real estate : renovation, construction...in residential or business real estate.


For further informations about our services to guide you in your real estate project in France, please contact us :

By phone : 0033148008933 

By contact webform here


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