Investment and real estate assets

Hotels & Resorts

PELEGE Group company Vaneau China Investment, relying on a strong information network, pluralistic culture, professional investment team in Paris and France, provides international funds, individuals and institutional investors informations and counsel to invest in the hotel industry in France.

Vaneau China Investment, based on the investor 's needs and plans, in total confidentiality, provides investment information, helps to develop investment programs and can coordonates negotiations. Vaneau China Investment also provides administrative and legal services to the investor.

Learn about our current investment projects or programs by contacting us here.


New constructions

Vaneau China Investment provides you with new real estate projects and opportunities in Paris and France.

Whether you want to purchase an aquisition for legal residence or rental investment, Vaneau China Investment professional team may help you in the legal, administrative and financial aspects of your project.
Vaneau China Investment helps you to find the best project in new real estate suiting your needs and plans.

Vaneau China Investment accompanies its clients until signature and may provides property management.

Learn about our current new construction projects by contacting us here.


Wineyards & castles

Vaneau China Investment may provide ot its clients castles, manors and vineyards in all France.


Learn about our current vineyards and castles opportunities by contacting us here.


You wish more informations about our real estate assets ?

Contact us by phone : 0033148008933



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